Sunday, May 29, 2011

We got them wrong... All this time

An important event is coming up and I'm looking for THE perfect dress.  A perfect dress that looks more and more impossible to get. So many options let me drowning in a sea of possibilities and confusions.  After getting all kind of opinions from girlfriends, I decided and out of curiosity ask a male friend what he thought about the dresses I've chosen. Here how things went.

I showed him three options; three different styles I was trying to decide from.  His answers were short and precise.

"I like the second one"

"I don't like the third one, mainly because of the "detail" on the shoulder" (the detail he was talking about was actually a bow on the waist)

"The 4th dress I liked it.. a lot" (this was the one with the detail on the shoulder that he confused with the bow on the waist)

I couldn't believe it. The third dress and the style I like the best he didn't like it at all.

"What about the third one? The one with the black skirt and the pink strapless blouse?" 

Silence… "Wait… just let me see" more silence and then, he started talking in a specific way that took me by surprise.

"The second one, the centurian (I'm still trying to figure out what a centurian is) super cool!! Mainly if you have the body to carry it on. You shouldn't have any problem with that" 

"The third one is the one I don't like, and I meant to say, it was the "detail" on the hip, not on the shoulder I didn't like.."

After giving a second thought I just told him that #3 was my favorite and that I thought it was very elegant. To my surprise he replied:

"#3 is just too simple… it looks fake, like it's not there.. it goes unnoticeable…  and then finished me by saying: "it looks like there are millions of them out there". 

I didn't know what to think and fought back:  

"#3 is the most expensive out of the four dresses, and I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing it". 

"Big deal!" was his only answer.

At this point I still wanted to know more and I urged him to continue. I was really interested to know why he didn't like it and gave him the green light, he accepted it and full of confidence and fearless, continued. 

"I don't like it... the color... It's so simple that it looks like lingerie, that's how simple it's… with that skirt and that horrible bow on the waist; (now he specified the detail; the detail has a name) the bow is huge! and it takes away feminine… I don't know, but the big bow doesn't go with the simplicity of the blouse" he finalized.

I stayed quiet and this seems to give him the ok to continue into even more details with the rest of the dresses... with a confidence that surprised me.

"The forth one  is  a killer… feminine… it's for a women who proudly scream how confident she is… with that type of simplicity a woman can even looks lavish, striking

"The pink one?" are we now talking about the pink dress? did you like the pink one?" I asked.


I almost fainted… 

He had to leave and rush me to show him the last dress I wanted him to see.

"Tell me between this last dress and the pink one you liked so much, which one you like the best?"

"Depend, they are for different occasions aren't they?" - it was more a confirmation than a question.

"Nope, it's for the same party"

"Naaaahh, can't be they are different styles"
(I'm in shock! when did I create this monster?)

"It depends on the personality of the person who wears them" I replied with my lips almost closed. 

"I still like the pink one better, it's more elegant and there is always the option to get it in black…. and that last one, yeah it's a killer, but… uhm… a bit bitchy. 

To all my girlfriends out here; We are sending a message that it's perceived totally wrong. 

Please find below a list of comments I got from men on what I thought were the latest fashion trends.

"That purse is so big you can perfectly accommodate a dead body in there" - On my Cynthia Rowley bag.

"I never like when women wear rings on their toes… they remind me of a dwarf finger" - on toes rings.

"They look like you chopped Mickey Mouse head and took his ear to use them as sun glasses" - on my big shades. 

The three dresses showed in this post can be found @ 


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